Welcome to the Marin Resource Conservation District.

We offer a variety of programs to facilitate construction of conservation projects on Marin County agricultural lands.

Our primary focus is facilitating construction of conservation projects.  In addition, we partake in innovative projects that explore alternative land stewardship practices relying on local history to guide our decisions about the future. The Marin Resource Conservation District was established May 20, 1959.  Approximately 250,000 acres are included in the district which in general covers the watersheds of Stemple, Walker and Lagunitas creeks. Since 1983, the Marin RCD has administered over $20 million dollars in government and private foundation grants for watershed-wide erosion control, creek restoration and road repair projects.  The Marin RCD continues to bring together state, federal and local agencies with private landowners to conserve soil and water resources. RCD_HogTour