Carbon Farm Plan Application Process is Open!

Apply for technical assistance in developing a Carbon Farm Plan for your farm or ranch!

The Marin RCD sent out more than 400 flyers announcing the availability of assistance in developing Carbon Farm Plans for at least four (4) farms or ranches.  The Carbon Farm Planning program is designed to help landowners plan for the implementation of climate adaptation and mitigation practices on their farm or ranch.

All interested applicants must complete an application and submit to the Marin RCD by 2pm on August 14, 2017.  The process is competitive; all the applications will be evaluated the same.

Access the Application here: 2017 Carbon Farm Plan Application

How to submit:

  • Mail: Print it out and mail to: ATT: CFP Application, Marin RCD P.O. Box 1146 Point Reyes Station, CA 94965
  • Email: The application is in Word format, so you can type directly on the form and email it in to Marin RCD ( 
  • Walk in: Drop it off at our office: Suite 202 or 203, 80 Fourth Street (Tomales Bay Foods) Point Reyes Station, CA 94965

What is the process?

Phase 1: Application  (due to Marin RCD by 2pm on Aug. 14, 2017) 

1A. Qualifying Questions – Read the qualifying questions, and circle ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to each. The bullet points under each question are essential components to each question, only respond ‘Yes’ if you can agree to all points. If you can answer yes to all four questions, proceed to Part 1B: Scoring Questions.

1B. Scoring Questions – Write responses to all questions in this section. Your responses to these questions are read, reviewed and then scored via a selection criteria (available to view here: Selection Criteria 2017) by the Marin Carbon Project’s Implementation Task Force, a group made up of several of the partners within the collaborative that is the Marin Carbon Project. Applications that rank the highest (cut off number to be determined) will move onto Phase 2.

Phase 2: Site Review (visits are occurring Sept. 11-15, 18-22)

2A. Site Visit – A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC, a subset of the Implementation Task Force with a representative from each organization) will visit each applicant that makes it into this phase. All persons with veto power over the proposed Carbon Farm  must attend this meeting. Homework might be required to be completed before the site visit, such as filling out (to the best of your ability) the Rangeland Carbon Farm Template.

2B. Final Scoring Round – After completing all site visits, the TAC will revisit the Scoring Questions and rescore each ranch. Each ranch will receive a final score and the TAC will recommend at least four (4) ranches to the Implementation Task Force to approve as the next Carbon Farm Plans. Projects that rank the highest out of all projects are typically recommended for funding.

Please note, if there are any ties between two applicants, then the scoring round will be repeated. 

If you have already applied for Marin Carbon Project assistance on a Carbon Farm Plan, then please submit:

1) The Application cover page

2) Part 1A: The Qualifying Questions

3) An addendum letter (maximum 3 pages, 12-point font, 1-inch margins) to your previous application. In the letter, please tell the Marin Carbon Project if the information on your old application still accurately represents your agricultural operation or if there are changes and what those changes are.

Have questions?  Contract Lynette  at or 415663-1170 x304. 

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