If you are dealing with an EMERGENCY on your stream side property, there is a process to follow which includes many steps. For help with the regulatory procedures, look to the following document; Emergency Project(s) Permit Process (including Coastal Commission) .


Photo Credit: Flood Control District

Photo Credit: Flood Control District

Flooding in Marin is an unfortunate reality for many homeowners. To learn more about; being prepared, pre and post flooding financial assistance, elevating structures, remodeling structures, flood insurance and sandbags, please click HERE to view a new resource created by the Marin RCD’s USC Program, Flooding in Marin: A Homeowners Guide to Flood Preparedness. 

Marin County is just beginning a Structure Elevation Program. If you are interested and want to learn more, click here to see the Frequently Asked Questions. You may also wish to contact Jon Liang jliang@marincounty.org with Marin County who will be preparing applications on your behalf, if you qualify. “All single-family homes within FEMA Special Flood Hazard Areas which would cost less than $168,000 to elevate are eligible (includes construction, design, surveying, permitting, and relocation costs). Cost estimating is the responsibility of the homeowner, but if the grant is awarded, the service costs to prepare your estimate may be reimbursable by FEMA up to 75%.”