Bank Stabilization

Residents and land managers can stabilize creek banks through soil bioengineering. What is soil bioengineering and how DOES vegetation hold substrate (soil, sand, clay, gravel)  and creek banks in place? Watch this short but VERY informative video from Mike Vukman with the Urban Creeks Council in the East Bay!

There are several options for approach when it comes to the complex issues of river or creek bank stabilization projects.  FEMA’s “Engineering with Nature- Alternative Techniques to Riprap Bank Stabilization”  highlights several basic alternative practices that have successfully been implemented.   The case studies demonstrate the use of large woody debris (LWD), erosion control blankets, woody plantings, and more, focusing on the improved ecological values and reduced maintenance requirements instead of riprap.                                 Engineering_With_Nature_Alternatives to RipRap

Various Methods for Bank Stabilization