Erosion Control

Let’s Learn About Erosion!

Helpful Resources on Types of Erosion

In May of 2001, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ecosystem Management and Restoration Research Program created a helpful technical note, Live and Inert Facine Streambank Erosion Control, regarding live and inert fascines made from living woody plant material for the purpose of streambank erosion control.


Natural Erosion: Not all erosion is bad! It’s an integral piece of the functioning river ecosystem that is a geomorphic process which promotes riparian vegetation succession and allows for an overall dynamic habitat.  You can check out this short video from the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service. 


Human-Induced Erosion: On the other hand, erosion can be caused and/or exacerbated anthropogenically (human-influenced) and can include troubling results for watersheds. Watch the following video to understand more and learn what can be done.