Urban Streams Coordination

The Urban Streams Coordinator (USC) position was created as a result of the Stream Conservation Area Ordinance. The role of the USC is to provide support and assistance to the residents that live along Marin County’s creeks through educational workshops, presentations, watershed tours and site visits that can result in targeted restoration actions. The USC will work with County departments; Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program ( MCSTOPPP), Marin Watershed Program, Community Development Agency in addition to the various watershed and neighborhood organizations and associations. Through collaborative efforts with local, state and federal regulatory agencies, the USC will guide property owners through the challenging permitting process when applying for projects that include development and/or restoration along the creeks of Marin. Finally the USC will act as the liaison between the various stakeholders, facilitating communication among all parties.

Restoration in progress at the Green Gulch Zen Center in December, 2014