The Marin Resource Conservation District offers a variety of programs to facilitate implementation of conservation projects in Marin County.  We partake in innovative projects that explore alternative land stewardship practices relying on local history to guide our decisions about the future.

The Marin Resource Conservation District was established on May 20, 1959.  Approximately 250,000 acres are included in the district, which in general covers the watersheds of Stemple, Walker and Lagunitas creeks. Since 1983, the Marin RCD has administered over $20 million dollars in government and private foundation grants for watershed-wide erosion control, creek restoration and road repair projects.  In 2014, Marin RCD’s services expanded into east Marin to assist streamside residence with watershed stewardship, restoration and regulatory compliance. The Marin RCD continues to bring together state, federal and local agencies with private landowners to conserve soil and water resources.

Carbon Farm Implementation

Funding is available to implement your Carbon Farm Plan!


Applications are due May 31, 2018 by 5pm.


We recommend that you call the Marin RCD (415-663-1170) before filling out an application, and to work with your Carbon Farm Plan writer to complete your application. Continue reading “Carbon Farm Implementation”

Urban Streams Coordination

The Urban Streams Coordination (USC) program was created as a result of the Stream Conservation Area Ordinance. The USC program provides support and assistance to residents that live along Marin County’s creeks through educational workshops, presentations, watershed tours and site visits that can result in targeted restoration actions. The program provides coordination with County departments; Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program ( MCSTOPPP), Marin Watershed Program, Community Development Agency, Department of Public Works in addition to the various watershed and neighborhood organizations and associations. The program provides permitting assistance to property owners, who are pursuing projects that include development and/or restoration along the creeks of Marin, by collaborating with local, state and federal regulatory agencies. The USC program aims to facilitate communication among all stakeholders invested in the urban streams of Marin.

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Conserving Our Watersheds

The Marin RCD coordinates several green projects annually via the Conserving Our Watersheds (COW) Program to promote and support the advancement of water quality improvements within the district’s watershed boundaries including Tomales Bay, Lagunitas, Stemple, and Walker Creek Watersheds. 

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Pine Gulch Creek Water Rights & Watershed Restoration

Three organic farms in Bolinas, CA: Fresh Run Farm, Paradise Valley Produce and Star Route Farms, have offered up their summer water rights to protect the Coho salmon fishery that spawns in Pine Gulch Creek (above photograph by Rod McLean).  The farms traditionally irrigated their crops by pumping directly from Pine Gulch Creek, but starting 2018, all farms will no longer summer irrigate from the creek.

For more information read below or check out the Pine Gulch Creek Instream Flow Enhancement Report funded by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

For individuals interested in doing a project to benefit instream flows, the SWIFT Working Group created a wonderful document to help guide individuals through the process: Practitioners Guide To Instream Flow.  Marin RCD helped SWIFT with this document and the Pine Gulch Project is on pg. 48!

Do you divert more than >10 acre-feet a year? The State Water Resources Control Board, as of Jan. 19, 2016, requires anyone with >10 ac-ft/yr diversion to install measuring devices at their point of diversion and for all water rights holders to report their water use annually. Want more information? Visit the Water Board’s website  or call your local UCCE office (415) 473-4204 for information or visit UCCE ANR Publication website to check out the following applicable publications: #537, 8490, 8083, 8213 and 21644.

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