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Marin Resource Conservation District


The Marin Resource Conservation District joins with many other organizations across America to decry racial injustice and call for an end to systemic racism and unjust treatment as a result of the color of one’s skin.

Where America was formed to secure the blessings of liberty for all, for many in our society, skin color determines whether they are free or not, wealthy or not, healthy or not, educated or not and incarcerated or not.

While gains have been made over many decades and even centuries, these gains have not been enough. Black children remain poorly educated, black families still experience financial and employment discrimination, and black men are still brutally treated by the police.

While our mission focuses on supporting environmental improvements on agricultural land in the Marin Resource Conservation District’s geographic area, we pledge to explore beyond our boundaries to take action toward educating ourselves and our partners in addition to embracing and creating programs for those underserved in our community due to the color of their skin.

We ask our partners and our landowners to join us in making America a safe and nurturing place for all, so that together we may live creative and fulfilling lives.


Sally Gale – Marin RCD President
Nancy Scolari – Marin RCD Executive Director


The Marin RCD office will be closed until further notice due to the Marin County COVID-19 shelter-in-place order. During this time all staff will be working from home. You may continue to reach out to us by email. You may also reach staff by leaving voice messages. Messages will automatically be forwarded as they are received. Thank you for your understanding. We hope our community remains healthy and strong during this pandemic. 

FOR PRODUCERS: The two federal assistance programs aimed at helping small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic have been renewed and expanded to provide funding for farms. If your operation has suffered a loss or is struggling to meet payroll costs, consider applying for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). Both programs include money that is partly or completely free to you, but funding is not expected to last, so it’s important to make your applications soon. Full details on these programs, including application links, are in UC Cooperative Extension’s COVID-19 FAQ for Farmers under “Financial Assistance”.  There, you’ll also find links to local and state aid programs accessible to farms.

FOR CONSUMERS: It is clear now, more than ever, the need for a strong local food system and nutrient rich food to keep our families safe and healthy. By buying your food from local farms, you keep money in our local economy while supporting those managing soil and water in our shared watersheds. Consider ordering from local farms online, signing up for a CSA, purchasing your food from a farmstand or farmers’ market, or ordering take out/delivery from local restaurants. For more info, we have created a regularly-updated list: Marin County Food Resources During the Shelter-in-Place Order (click to go to page). Please send additional Marin County food resources to, so we can add them to the working list.



The Marin Resource Conservation District offers a variety of programs to facilitate implementation of conservation projects in Marin County.  We partake in innovative projects that explore alternative land stewardship practices relying on local history to guide our decisions about the future.

The Marin Resource Conservation District was established on May 20, 1959.  Approximately 250,000 acres are included in the district, which in general covers the watersheds of Stemple, Walker and Lagunitas creeks. Since 1983, the Marin RCD has administered over $20 million dollars in government and private foundation grants for watershed-wide erosion control, creek restoration and road repair projects.  In 2014, Marin RCD’s services expanded into east Marin to assist streamside residents with watershed stewardship, restoration and regulatory compliance. The Marin RCD continues to bring together state, federal and local agencies with private landowners to conserve soil and water resources.

Check out our Annual Report FY 17-18 or our project tracking database!