Our Impact

Since its founding in 1959, the Marin RCD has impacted the evolution and outcomes of on-farm conservation and stewardship. The Marin RCD’s clear intentions and organized objectives began over 60 years ago, with dedicated people laying a foundation of stewardship, trust, collaboration, and sustainability that continues today.

Some accomplishments by Marin RCD, land managers, and partner organizations include:

  • Improved water quality with measurable improvements in Stemple Creek and shellfish production preserved in Tomales Bay
  • Erosion prevention and sediment delivery to streams equaling 669,423 ±346,843 cubic yards
  • Saved coho salmon & preserved steelhead populations
  • Preserved red-legged frog habitat
  • Improved wildlife diversity with 300 percent increase in neomigratory bird species following riparian revegetation
  • Preserved municipal water supply for Marin County in Stafford Lake watershed
  • Streamlined permitting for land managers’ conservation projects
  • Supported partnering organizations, agencies, and local contractors
  • Educated youth and adults about land stewardship in Marin County
  • Increased stewardship ethic through increased participation in grant programs


Learn about our full impact below:

Read “A Half Century of Stewardship: programmatic review of conservation by Marin RCD & partner organizations (1959‐2009)”