2023 No Till Drill Rental Program

MRCD purchased a Great Plains 606-NT-0975, 6-foot pull-type No Till Drill for producers to rent for use on Marin County working lands. This rental program aims to provide smaller scale producers with the opportunity to utilize equipment not otherwise accessible. We are thrilled to launch this offering for the fall 2023 season!

Why a No Till Drill?

The No-Till Drill, a form of conservation tillage, increases forage production and reduces potential water quality liabilities such as erosion and nutrient runoff that occur with conventional tillage operations.

The Drill results in improved soil and rangeland conditions by increasing water holding capacity and friability of the soil.  This allows perennial grasses to better compete with annual grasses and eases the establishment of perennials on compacted soils.  As much as a two-fold increase in forage production has been reported with its use.

This particular model can be used to improve sites where seeding with a conventional drill is not feasible due to slope or seasonal access limitations.

The agreement link below contains all details regarding pick up, drop off, fees, cleaning, communication, insurance, and much more. Please read it thoroughly and keep a copy for your reference. 

How to Rent:

1. Fill out the Drill Rental Google Form. Read through the agreement, watch the safety/operational videos, follow the Square link in the agreement to pay, and have a copy emailed to you for your records. *

2. Reserve your desired date(s) on Calendly here

3. Marin RCD will contact you to confirm your rental dates and discuss additional details. 

*ALL RENTERS are required to read all safety information and watch all linked videos, including those who have previously operated this type of drill. 

Questions? Email kelsey@marinrcd.org

Big thanks to our funder, California State Coastal Conservancy (SCC), for sponsoring this program! 

The previous No-Till Drill that was gifted to Tomales High School has been sold and is no longer available for rent.