Hello Contractors and Consultants!

The Marin RCD will post bidding opportunities on this page and our employment page when available.

There are no available contractor bids at this time.

Below you will find a list of past awarded contracts over $25,000:

September 13, 2023Coastside Concrete &
Construction Inc
September 13, 2023Pruett Fence Company Inc.$43,150.00
September 13, 2023Furlong Construction$31,586.46
April 20, 2023Ghilotti Construction Company, Inc.$222,600.00
March 3, 2023Furlong Construction$69,569.44
January 31, 2023Nordin Excavating$24,999.95
November 9, 2022UC Cooperative Extension Novato$25,000
September 14, 2022Orlena Yee$50,000
September 14, 2022Spatial Informatics Group$285,000
June 8, 2022Chad White, PhD$175,000
August 1, 2021Point Blue: STRAW$363,235
September 9, 2020 (Executed October 20, 2020)Prunuske Chatham Inc.$309,273
July 22, 2020M3 Integrated Services, Inc.$82,000
July 22, 2020Pacific Excavating $77,508
March 28, 2019; amended February 3, 2020; amended July 22, 2020Prunuske Chatham Inc.$32, 375
August, 2019Glissman Excavating, Inc. $185,399
August 14, 2019Jerry and Don Yager's Pump and Well$25,089.04
August 14, 2019Guerrero Fencing Inc.$37,650
July 10, 2019Schaefer Engineering$76,175
July 10, 2019Point Blue Conservation Science$68,082
September 12, 2018Pacific Watershed Associates$137,087
September 12, 2018Guerrero Fencing Inc.$109,400
August 8, 2018Lunny Paving and Grading$47,200
August 8, 2018Kevin Furlong Construction$28,017.50
June 1, 2018 amended, April 2017Prunuske Chatham Inc.$45,754
November 2017Point Blue Conservation Science$60,000
August 2017Rege Construction$179,975
July 2017Rege Construction$152,924.87
June 2017Kevin Furlong Construction$47,937
June 2017Prunuske Chatham Inc.$27,252
October 2016Prunuske Chatham Inc.$59,843
October 2016Point Blue Conservation Science$116,864
September 2016Point Blue Conservation Science$52,595
August 2016Schaefer Engineering$78,000
August 2016Kevin Furlong Construction$34,000
May 2016Prunuske Chatham Inc.$52,265
December 2015Furlong Construction$27,000
September 2015 Point Blue: STRAW$53,814
September 2015Point Blue: STRAW$118,030
August 2015 Pacific Excavating $93,330
August 2015 Charles Hope Construction$150,746
July 2015Carbon Cycle Institute$30,000
July 2015Gold Ridge RCD$67,165
May 2015Rege Construction$1,811,739
May 2015Pacific Watershed Associates$51,427
April 2015Miller Pacific Engineering$50,000
April 2015Erickson Engineering$27,500
January 2015 Prunuske Chatham Inc.$57,518

If you are a consultant, please refer to the MRCD Procurement Policy for Consultants. If you are interested in being contacted for bidding opportunities, please call our office at (415) 663 1170 to get on our contractors list. You may also want to familiarize yourself with our bidding policies: MRCD Construction Procurement Policy and Earthwork RFCP Example. Please note that a Final Request for Cost Proposal will be posted for each project which will result in changes to the example provided.