Permit Coordination Program

The Marin RCD created an easier and faster way for landowners and ranchers to apply for permits for restoration projects.  The Marin Coastal Watersheds Permit Coordination Program (PCP) is designed to help ranchers plan, permit, fund, and implement practices that will minimize impacts to wildlife and water quality.

Under the program, the RCD has streamlined the environmental review process for 17 conservation practices that meet certain criteria including size limitations. On annual basis, the RCD submits projects into the program for CEQA review, and then applies and pays for permits to assist landowners wanting to construct conservation projects.  The projects range from stabilizing streambanks to installation of livestock crossings.  Marin RCD has operated the program for the past 13-years with considerable success; incentivising restoration projects throughout west Marin.

The RCD is currently working on recertifying the program. Marin RCD and its partners are proposing to add 16 conservation practices to the program, to expand the boundaries of the program into eastern Marin watersheds (including Novato Creek San Antonio Creek and Miller Creek), and to increase the life span of the program from 5 to 10 years. In recognition of the benefits of this program and the desire to continue and expand its impact, the following organizations are supporting the renewal process: Marin Carbon Project, Marin Agricultural Land Trust, California Water Quality Control Board, Marin County, and North Bay Watershed Assocation. 

The Board of Directors considers public verbal and/or written comments during their monthly meetings (second Wednesday). Your attendance and participation are welcome. All comments received during the 30 day public comment period will be addressed at the meeting. Meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. in the Marin County Farm Bureau Conference Room, 520 Mesa Road. Comments can be written on our public comment page.

Marin Coastal Watersheds Permit Coordination Program Annual Reports

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Marin Coastal Watersheds Permit Coordination Program Documents

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Notice of Determination (filed 2010)

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