Who We Are

The Marin Resource Conservation District is dedicated to improving environmental quality in Marin County.  We enhance biodiversity, restore streams, improve water quality, create wildlife habitat, and fight climate change by storing carbon in our soil.

The District covers most of the undeveloped area of Marin County. Since we were created in 1959, we have administered more than $25 million dollars in government and private foundation grants. Projects we fund provide ecosystem benefits such as increasing biodiversity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sequestering carbon and creating wildlife habitat.  We assist residents throughout the county who live near streams with watershed stewardship and restoration ideas and projects.

The Marin RCD brings together state, federal and local agencies and private landowners to improve habitat values, reduce water pollution, conserve our soil, and fight climate change.

The recently approved Marin County Measure A provides implementation funding for the District. Thank you, Marin County Voters!

Our Board of Directors is elected by the voters.

Our staff work directly with public and private landowners to improve the biological diversity of their land, restore streams to help restore Coho Salmon and Steelhead populations, and reduce sources of water pollution.

Resource Conservation Districts were set up to respond to the terrible soil erosion of the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s.  We retain this important mission by encouraging “no-till” farming, fencing stream channels, and helping landowners with projects to improve soil health and carbon storage.